Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scrap Metal and Depravity

Jamaica is a state without morals and the PNP benefits from such occurences. They keep the population uneducated and underfed so they benefit from situations such as this. Collecting scrap should not be such a major source of income for such a significant amount of people had there been good governance in Jamaica over the years. The PNP revels in the depravity the country has fallen into because depravity and ignorance which often go hand in hand benefits a government that is inept at running anything other than an economy into the ground.

So, look out before year's end, prepare to prepare yourselves to tie down your manhole covers, your wrought iron gates, JPS, NWC, Lime and Digicel, prepare to pay millions on security and ensure that you pass this cost on to the majority who ensured the PNP had another term in Power, let's see if this benefits the majority or the thieving minority. But then again, if the previous statements I made are considered, then the majority is in fact those who benefit from the reopening of the trade as they who are ignorant, un and under-educated and exist in depravity are the ones who voted in like-minded individuals into power. So expect them to look out for each other's interest.