Thursday, May 10, 2012

Elected to Represent Who

Isn't it obvious that those that were elected to represent us are representing yes but their own interests? It seems to me that the wholesale exploitation of Jamaica and Jamaicans by mainly Trinidad and Barbados stands to benefit those who should be defending us who opt for the route of reticence.

The Prime Minister, Mrs. Simpson-Miller herself should be the one putting Trinidad Transport Minister Devant Maharaj in his place in light of recent comments he made suggesting that Jamaicans are not worthy to fly Caribbean Airlines (CAL) at the expense of Trinidad taxpayers. Doreen Frankson CEO of Edge Chem had to reflect sentiments that are held by a significant portion of the educated in our population by speaking out against the overt arrogance that laced the words of Mr. Maharaj.

It is quite strange that Mrs. Simpson-Miller saw it fit to address the Chris Gayle issue rather than an issue of more national significance such as this in a public forum the way she did when the West Indies Cricket Board and Chris Gayle had their disagreement. Apparently Jamaicans are the only ones traveling at the expense of Trinidadian tax dollars - don't Trinidadians and Bajans fly CAL? As a matter of fact more of Trinidadians fly CAL than Jamaicans and the few Jamaicans who do fly CAL are traitors in my estimation.

National Pride and Love for Country are abstract yes, but once instilled are hard to get rid of. After years of disrespect and disregard of the populace by those elected to look out for our interests, many Jamaicans have lost any semblance of these that were left. Therefore we do not see the need to address issues that concern such. Trinidad on the other hand seems to be too full of pride - the sort that usually precedes an inevitable and most embarrassing fall. Oil is a non-renewable resource and only God knows how many barrels are left.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jamaican Leadership

Is it a mystery the position we have found ourselves in as a country? In reference to a Jamaica Gleaner article published on the website, isn't it obvious why Jamaica has found herself in a rather precarious predicament? When Ministers of Government can unilaterally make conclusions that affect the entire population out of ignorance and a clear lack of regard for the well being of the country, it is an indictment not only on the Minister but the majority that is responsible for putting that Minister in office.

Minister of Industry and Commerce Anthony Hylton has passed remarks that suggest that the possibility of imports from Japan (mainly used motor vehicles) being exposed to nuclear radiation from the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor is not of any significance and therefore does not warrant his Ministry paying the matter any further attention. It is comments such as this that really show where the loyalties of the minister lie. He continues to state that the issue of Jamaicans possibly coming into contact with hazardous radiation from Japanese used car import is not of "top priority" and any possible measure regardless how insignificant to safeguard the Jamaican population will cause the Japanese to feel their exports are facing "discrimination" from Jamaica. First off, the imports of which Mr. Hylton speaks are used/damaged motor vehicles and what will "spook" Japanese exporters is the fact that Jamaica will take measures to ensure the health and safety of its population. Judging from this, one can only be led to conclude a foreign country's perception of Jamaica's treatment of its garbage that we choose to import is more important than the health of Jamaicans - the majority of whom is the reason he has a job.

The Minister may have temporarily overlooked the fact that the population to which he is indebted (besides, he is guaranteed at least 60 months salary) should demand that he take steps to look out for its well-being. The economic development of a country that will do well and has been doing well with our without our imports is more important than that of our population - the one that guaranteed him a job. After all "Health is Wealth."

Nuclear Radiation is a proven mutagen and carcinogen. The Minister out of ignorance to that fact unilaterally thought it wise to not put measures in place to reduce our exposure to such possibilities by ignoring calls from some quarters for monitoring of imports from Japan just to not offend foreign nationals to whom he is not accountable. Had he taken the time to look at the facts and make an informed decision he would have been lauded and respected by many rather than be seen as ignorant, arrogant, uneducated and stupid. Apparently such distinctions mean nothing in Jamaicans. Members of the Jamaican population are largely ignorant to basic issues that they should be aware of to the benefit of the government. When the population is ignorant and undereducated, the population suffers from poor governance as seen in this case. "Idiots will always vote in idiots," in other words when the majority is uneducated that will reflect directly on the government of the country, members of the PNP need not feel proud of being voted into government. Our educated are in other countries, conclude from that what you may.