Friday, November 30, 2012

50 Shades of Garbage

Had the displeasure of reading a few paragraphs of the much talked about 50 Shades of Gray. It was hardly anything to speak of. In other words it was paper bound rubbish, Literature in its worst state. What ever happened to writing of the calibre or Thomas Hardy, Oscar Wilde, Harper Lee, J.D. Salinger, The Brontë Sisters, Victor Hugo, Voltaire and countless others? It shows the state our minds have fallen into when numerous authorities are pushing crap down our throats and calling it "The Arts". Music and movies have also fallen victim to this insult, rubbish is being released and forced through our eyes and ears into our minds and we are led to believe that if for some reason we do not take kindly to this insult there is something wrong with us. There still are in existence people with a yearning for the Arts in its truest form, good movies, music and literature, yet it seems to be an unprofitable venture to try to fill that need. It is my belief that there needs to be no more books written, movies, made and music produced subsequent to 2002, that was when something went wrong in entertainment, for we are no longer entertained, well at least those of us who know the use of our brains aren't in any way entertained by the garbage that people are passing off as Art. I did do a piece on movies here, so there is no need for me to go on about that.

It seems to be the trend nowadays for persons to not think for themselves, to go whichever way the corrupt winds of our morally, and artistically depraved society blow. It is no longer cool to like things because we like the way it makes us feel or because we like it or want things because we want it or feel feelings because we feel it.Everything has been since of late all about what everybody else does, wants, likes or feels. Who is everybody? Nobody! Nobody seems to have the nerve to think, feel or like for themselves it is always what somebody else thinks, feels or likes. Our children are growing up in a world totally devoid of any intellectually stimulating activities and I would hate to see the world 40 years hence.

Spoilers Ahead...
If you want a summary of the book, pick up any $2.00 romance novel with Fabio on the cover and thats it. It is merely "Hardcore" Soft Porn, like a $2.00 romance novel with a fresh coat of the most God-awful golden-brown paint and a set of 24 inch chrome "spinner" rims. It is not worth the few million brain cells you will no doubt kill reading it. My suggestion: get yourself a bottle of cheap vodka/rum/whiskey and take a few swigs until you pass out and that would be a better read (yes read) than this book.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Bigger Better Network?

Or is it? Jamaica has been blessed with a very liberal and harshly competitive mobile phone market and some say that this benefits the consumers, or does it? I've been a customer of Jamaica's Bigger Better Network for the past 10 years at least, had a few numbers over the years, was happy to get very good service in comparison to the other option at the time. Remember the days when you paid astronomical bills for unreliable crappy service and dropped calls and poor customer care and then came our beloved saviour from high prices and terrible services - the bigger better one. Now, eleven years have passed, numerous millions have gone both ways customers to service provider and vice versa (more one way than the next). So much so that our tiny little island nation with what is among the highest Debt to GDP ratios in the world, widespread poverty and leaders who lack leadership is responsible for the changes in fortune for the bigger better network's chief principal for the better, he now jet-sets and rubs shoulders with the best of them. That is not a problem, he seems to be one to hold giving back to the community and the country that literally made him in very high regard as we can see from the numerous sponsorships and charities his company is so involved in, he has also blessed us with the auspices of his worldwide head office on the Kingston waterfront that is in terrible need of some significant facelift that we hope was set off with the second coming of the bigger better network, and we love that, so much so that we are enamoured by the presence of the "chosen company" that we plunk down millions everyday in tithes and offerings, but hey, we are giving back. The listless leadership of losers (the Government) has nothing but picked up on this love that we have for chatter that it too has seen the possibility of extra income from the customers and applied the usual taxes as it thinks seems to be the solution for years of mismanagement perpetrated by previous incarnations of itself. 

Now, eleven years later, what can happen after the golden age of cellular technology in Jamaica? The advent of cutting-edge technology, relatively fast internet speeds, widespread almost island wide cellular coverage and what is one of the highest cell phone penetrations on the planet, where better to go than down? Down in quality of service, market ingenuity and concern for the very fabric of its existence - its customers. It has to be one of the worst companies in Jamaica as far as concern for its customers is (for want of a better word) concerned. It has adopted the approach of a Customer Service/Care Centre that ironically is a disservice to the customers. There is a literal disconnect between the customers and the policymakers of the company with the adoption of the Customer Care Centre. Customer Service Reps are, with the least bit of disrespect intended the least valuable and least useful employees in any organisation from the perspective of truly serving the customer and this I can conclude from working for some time as one in another company. The Customer Care Centre is a buffer between the higher-ups who are responsible for "make or break" decisions in a company and the very reason the company exists. This obviously does more harm than good, of all the information that comes into the Customer Care Centre, at least the vast majority of this information including customer suggestions is lost in this buffer zone, as a result, very valuable information that cannot be gathered from even the best Market Surveys is lost, and seriously, does that make sense? Similarly, the unsavoury or ineffective aspects of the company's service delivery are also lost which cannot be good news for any company. I've been slavishly paying for what this company calls "4G" which is truly a sophisticated "Wi-Fi" Network and not true 4G for some time and the service has been horrible at best. Each time I call "Customer Care" I am met with the usual facade of Customer Service which truly turns out to be a disservice to me, a loyal paying customer. The experience serves to only lead one down the proverbial garden path, distract me from the problem by literally lying and in actuality not in any way addressing the concern that I - a loyal customer have. The service in my area is horrible and I believe that this bit of information is valuable to any company if true customer satisfaction is the intention, yet I have made numerous calls to its Customer Care Centre and after at least two years the issue of horrible internet is yet to be resolved, guess what, because I am not in anyway indebted to this company (because as a consumer I have choices, thank God), I will exercise my right to choose and the minute I move from this house I am living at which is by the end of this year, I am going to get the competitions internet and cell phone as my way of exercising my freedom to choose, call me retarded but that is my way of standing up for myself and letting them know that i will not stand for it. I know my little $3,200 less every month is really chicken feed, I feel good within myself that I did in fact stand up for myself and not taken bullshit.

Over the years, sadly businesses have taken on an approach of profit at all costs and even if that means making money from immoral, misleading or illicit methods. The consumers are the idiots for falling for it, picking up the ruse yet still handing over their money religiously despite not getting what is paid for, its as if we are paying for a disservice, the bigger, better one is exactly that as a result of the same blunders made by the previous big and only network, it doesn't pay to be arrogant and in the end things will work themselves out and nothing that is based in ill-intent, greed or solely to make money really lasts, So, Digicel needs to look into its practices lest the cash cows move to greener pastures, regardless of the lavish prizes that are given away yearly like clockwork to consumers to make us feel special, we at times do get the feeling of being robbed and will move to better prospects or greener pastures because we can and our loyalty is not set in stone or ordained by God if that were so, then it would not be loyalty, it would be our duty and it clearly is not our duty to continue like moths to a flame to spend our money regardless the source to be treated with the disrespect and disregard that is on the increase in companies over the years.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Jamaican Exclusivism

Why does everything in Jamaica have to be just so exclusive it is essentially counter-productive? I happen to love the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and a dream of mine is to get the chance to see them perform live. I just heard this morning that the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has arrived in the island to perform at two venues, one in Mandeville and the other in Kingston. What bothers me is these performances are to be held on the 13th (tomorrow) and the 17th of September. Talk about short notice. An event of this calibre should have been advertised the minute it was conceptualised. I understand the space constraints that we have with no venues available here being capable of ideally accommodating a performance of that nature.

I would have been happy to go to both concerts had I known about it earlier and had the opportunity to plan for it, but such short notice makes this event irrelevant (to me at least). What has "got my goat" or my "jaw tight, tight, tight" is the fact that the inner circles of which the organisers and planners are members knew about it all along and were able to get those who they think are more deserving of such a privilege the opportunity to see them perform (whether they appreciate it or are able to relate is not what we are here to discuss). What really upsets me is that we have evidence time and time again that the real creativity and the real movers and shakers in our society are not who we consider the "people of substance" but regular Jamaicans with talent.

I believed and have seen enough evidence to conclude that such practices of cronyism and nepotism stands only to water down an art form or a practice or whatever, if the determinants are solely because you know somebody or "have clout" then having talent is "neither here nor there." This stands to stifle creativity and water-down quality. It is essential that we integrate all of society in whatever practices we may have, wider exposure presents a greater talent-base from which the best can be selected - I need not point this out because this is common-sense, but then again, the decision-makers seem to be devoid common sense and as a country we will only suffer for it.

Those who plan and organise these things wouldn't know talent if it hit them in the face wearing a T-shirt that said "I am talent." It hurts to see some talentless people hogging the spotlight just because they "know people" or " have money" when the people with real talent are left to languish in poverty and non-exposure. Jamaica would be so much better if those who deserve better were given exactly that!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thirsty Goats

Saw these goats this morning obviously under the morning heat taking a drink at a leaky standpipe. Over 66% or two thirds of the water treated by the National Water Commission (NWC) is unaccounted for by way of various factors - goats and leaky standpipes, illegal connection, and an archaic distribution system. O.K., let's break that down for the more obtuse among us, the NWC knows it treats e.g. 1 million litres on any given day over 666,000 litres of that water that they spend money to treat and distribute goes to waste. Put another way, for every $1 million they spend on distribution $666,000 is wasted. That's our money down the drain consumers must demand better.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mugabe being Moogs...

This is indeed making a mountain over a molehill. Leave Mugabe alone!!! The man has the freedom (obviously) to do and say whatever he wants. Before I go any further, let me put things into perspective. Our champion of African Nationalism the esteemed Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has made claims that Jamaica is (notice the quotation marks) "a country of marijuana smokers, where women are now taking charge since men are always sloshed" (a way cool way to say stoned, in my opinion). He went on further to say: "while marijuana is illegal in Jamaica, citizens are free to smoke and that men are always drunk, while universities were full of women." Well, being Jamaican and trying to be frank and unbiased let me ask one simple question - is the man lying?

We are all champions of the "Freedom of Speech" Ideal until somebody says something that "mash wih corn" the right and proper way. Bear in mind youngsters - there is no true freedom to do anything, we are fooled into believing that living in a state that has laws, once we are not "shackled" then we are "free." Fallacy!!! The law is indeed a shackle (nice segue into something totally unrelated to the issue - I should have been in politics). Anyway, there is some truth in what the man says or it deserves some looking into at least. Before we get upset examine what was said and see if there is merit to it. The truth a go hurt them and the backlash from Moogs' remarks is evidence to support that claim.

Remember the Human Trafficking Claim the US laid against Jamaica? Everybody (and dem dog) who was anybody was hopping mad or at best offended, then when the dust settled and we were all distracted by either the ignoble distinction of being murder capital of the world or the fact that we had a government in absentia, though they were right there in Gordon House, there were more committees on Human Trafficking set up than you could shake a stick at, or more aptly put - than there are fishes in (eh em) the aforementioned "House". Well, any well thinking career criminal knows never admit right away, give it a few months.

It is not the unflattering remarks that were passed that hurts, it is the fact that they are so truthful and strikes well home that we are offended at the fact that someone has pointed out the bit of dry snot (booger) that's in our nose so ostensibly that its not what was said that hurts, it's how its said, where its said and in what context. Well, that is to be expected from a man who is known for not mincing his words, he doesn't hold down his mouth when he is talking. I'd rather hear the truth from a man like that than hear words of obvious "adulation" from the most eloquent of speakers.

Let me point out one thing, when last have all of you people who are shooting down Mugabe's comments really walked down the streets? When last have you really gone to UWI, UTech or NCU and seen what really takes place there? Are we totally oblivious the "sloshed-out" men who are always "digging-out" there hand middles and the pubs on every corner packed to the rafters with strong able-bodied men? There is in fact some truth to what Moogs has said. We are just hurt that it took a loudmouth the likes of Mugabe to point it out. Had it been one of the more affable World-Leaders like Obama or any less unsavoury personality we wouldn't have had a problem with them. But it seems to be cool in international circles to whale on Mugabe the minute he opens his mouth, because of his allegedly racist and misogynistic actions in the past .

I am blessed to be part of a dying breed of Jamaicans, the educated male, I have heard Moogs' exact sentiments relayed in other quarters by other individuals who are less-unsavoury like Carolyn Cooper and Glenda Simms without the same backlash as those met by his. It obviously is not a matter of what was said but who said it and where and in what context. As Jamaicans you have to have your heads buried in the sand to not be aware of the truth (that may or may not be stretched a bit) that is inherent in these remarks. Apparently, we [Jamaicans] never like when someone points out our flaws so ostensibly. It does hurt like hell as the truth often happens to do from time-to-time.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Teach a Man a Fish'n

My mother is a teacher - one of the last good career teachers left in the classroom, sadly she is about to retire, her doing so marks the last of the real teachers who actually taught (not thought) because they wanted to, taught because they see teaching as something noble and in keeping with our National Pledge (if you don't know which part of the pledge you should be ashamed of yourself). She ensured as best as she could that children learned or at least were empowered to do whatever honest means they needed to do to get by, she was and is still of the opinion that regardless of what is thought not every child can learn, but every child can help him or herself, this coming from someone who has been in the classroom for almost 40 years, I won't dispute that, experience teaches wisdom, she should know, she has taught Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Police, Soldiers, Plumbers, Masons, Electricians, Farmers - pretty much every occupation (good and bad) you can think of.

My point, her days saw teachers who taught because they loved it, it was what they went to school to do - their career, now we see teachers who are just teaching as something to do, not what they aspired to doing but what they do as a third or fourth option, when as a result of their idling their days in school have now found themselves in positions where they are not qualified to do what they dreamed of doing - so get into a Teacher's College and idle their way through the three years and at the end they obtained some form of certification that in theory states they are competent teachers. Well, we are now reaping the fruits of such occurrences. I believe Teacher's Colleges should be the hardest institutions to get into, teachers will be charged with educating the nation's children, we can't leave such an important and demanding task in the hands of people who see it as just a way out - we need serious people who will go above and beyond what is expected of them to ensure that a child is taught how to fish.

In closing, these idlers have taken to teaching and as a result we see the fruits of their work in the CXC passes, not necessarily Patois (its place in the delivery of education in Jamaica is questionable) or English, just idlers who teach or fail to do so.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scrap Metal and Depravity

Jamaica is a state without morals and the PNP benefits from such occurences. They keep the population uneducated and underfed so they benefit from situations such as this. Collecting scrap should not be such a major source of income for such a significant amount of people had there been good governance in Jamaica over the years. The PNP revels in the depravity the country has fallen into because depravity and ignorance which often go hand in hand benefits a government that is inept at running anything other than an economy into the ground.

So, look out before year's end, prepare to prepare yourselves to tie down your manhole covers, your wrought iron gates, JPS, NWC, Lime and Digicel, prepare to pay millions on security and ensure that you pass this cost on to the majority who ensured the PNP had another term in Power, let's see if this benefits the majority or the thieving minority. But then again, if the previous statements I made are considered, then the majority is in fact those who benefit from the reopening of the trade as they who are ignorant, un and under-educated and exist in depravity are the ones who voted in like-minded individuals into power. So expect them to look out for each other's interest.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Democracy and the Ignorant

No, isn't it obvious that the PNP government is happy once the nation is happy? When they deliberately keep people in poverty, we find ourselves in this most unfortunate state of affairs we are faced with, the majority is happy because the majority of Jamaicans are poverty stricken, depraved, ignorant and amoral (that means without morals and not something use to wash your car - supports my point on ignorance). It is sad when the government despite seeing all the evidence of the negative effects of its decisions yet goes ahead and puts the country at the mercy of these criminals (Scrap Metal Thieves) just "to gih a man a food" so they can keep their minions fed so they can ensure themselves votes for the next elections. They ought not feel proud of themselves for winning as a matter of fact Jamaicans ought to feel ashamed of themselves to have a government that is totally oblivious to the needs of the country running it, it just shows that the majority is unaware of what good governance is and as a result the PNP benefit from this ignorance with another term in power.

The PNP obviously doesn't care about decency nor do they care for hard working productive citizens of the country (business and corporate). They are clearly incapable of making the country conducive to the existence of decency and since as a result of their 18 years of "growth" we have thieves running amok in the society with the blessings of the Government, Jamaica is truly a failed state - no questions asked.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Movies

I haven't been to the movies since the Sweeney Todd fiasco of 2007. Johnny Depp albeit an OK actor by my standards was a disappointment and that film was a grand waste of my time and money. I am no film critic but I go off my tastes and what really appeals to me. That visit to the movie theatre was a last-ditch attempt of salvaging what was left of my interests in movies and screenplays. I have since lost all faith and interest in movies. There is the odd one or two that come by as often as a total eclipse that may be even barely OK to look at and then, now there are the once in a lifetime ones that you would watch over and over. I have compiled a list for my personal use of those movies and have made it my point of duty to acquire them and use them to fill the void left by this apparently acceptable lack of creativity that has become cinematography.

What has made it even worse for me is the apparently new craze of remaking remakes of remakes and creating sequels, "threequels" and "quadruquels" (I know you get my point). The Bourne mini-series is proof of this. Matt Damon was ok in Identity, so-so in Supremacy, I however didn't care much for Ultimatum, because by now I, using common sense realised that the concept had been milked to within an inch of its life, so judging from this, one can conclude what my view will be of the fourth incarnation. Matt Damon being a seasoned actor saw it fit not to opt for the for the fourth obviously seeing the ridiculousness of this phenomenon that has taken Hollywood by storm of sequels upon sequels. The idea was a stellar one (certainly not that of making sequels), the Bourne Identity was ok, now leave it at that! Obviously being typecast is not a concern of actors nowadays, he went on to do two other reprints of the same movies with the same name. Am I the only one who sees that this approach is one that stifles creativity and variety, or is it that these once esteemed qualities of the arts have now become extinct and have now been replaced with greed and laziness? Well, the first one worked, so did the second so why not make 5 strings of reprints of the same storyline? Though this may seem like a good formula for making tonnes of money it is certainly not a good formula for creativity and excellence in a field. People with hardly any taste who even have half a brain and who actually use that half a brain to think for themselves and are not left to the mercy of everyday fads will see that this approach means us no good.

An OK non-remake is as frequent as a total eclipse and a very good movie is a once in a lifetime occurrence nowadays. It is sad and has become unbearable, the thought that children will grow up thinking that mediocrity is acceptable and those like myself who yearn for the Arts in its once unadulterated form that dictated excellence and variety will be starved of anything even barely fulfilling of that desire. I have stopped watching movies (don't care for them) I see being advertised as the next big thing because all my experiences have shown that they may be big at the Box Office but they all come up short on quality. Shrek was ok, but whose idea was it to make a 2, 3 and 4 (trust me, this one is in the works if it hasn't yet been released)? Toy Story, Mission Impossible, X-Men, Ice Age, Madagascar - I could go on. They all are the same thing, the first was acceptable (by now standards) but the others are all exponentially terrible. I literally wept when I saw the fourth incarnation of the Indiana Jones Movie, since Hollywood is so big on applying formulae to movies, apply this one: "the quality of an idea is indirectly proportional to the number of sequels it has divided by the number of big name actors in it. Music has gone down that same path sadly, I am a fan of the artistic expression of human culture and if my children are going to be anything like me with a passion for quality expressions of human culture, they are going to grow up in a depressing world.

Movies the likes of these will probably never be seen again, and before I go on, I am not going to be pretentious and include Scarface or the Godfather, they were good but not good enough for my list (no specific order) and isn't it funny how all the Non-American Westerns seem to be better then those idealistic American ones?

1. Casablanca
2. The Shawshank Redemption
3. The Lord of the Rings (one of only two exceptional trilogies)
4. Indiana Jones (the other of only two exceptional trilogies)
5. Star Wars
6. The Bridge on the River Kwai
7. Forrest Gump
8. Gladiator (possibly the last really good movie)
9. The 10 Commandments
10. Ben-Hur
11. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
12. To Kill a Mocking Bird
13. All the "Dollar Series" movies
a. The Good the Bad and the Ugly
b. For A Few Dollars More
c. Fistfull of Dollars
14. The Harder they Come
15. The Great Silence (Il Silenzio Grande)
16. Dr. Zhivago
17. To Kill a Mockingbird
18. Wuthering Heights
19. Dances with Wolves
20. Waterworld
21. Spartacus
22. The English Patient
23. Sling Blade
24. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
25. All the Bonds before Die another Day
26. Oliver Twist
27. Oliver!
18. The Silence of the Lambs
19. Saving Private Ryan
20. I am Sam
21. Enemy at the Gates
22. The Mission
23. The man in the Iron Mask
24. The Professional (Leon: The Professional)
25. Vanishing Point
26. The Big Red One
27. City of God (you just NEED to see this one)
28. Memento
29. Titan A.E.
30. Braveheart
31. Apocalypto
32. Tim
33. Get the Gringo
34. Machete (so bad it was good)
35. Fire Down Below
36. Maverick
37. Face Off
38. Broken Arrow
39. Chicken Run
40. The Mask of Zorro
41. Sleepy Hollow
42. Desperado
43. Batman and Robin
44. Batman Forever
45. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou
46. The Ides of March
45. Full Metal Jacket
46. The Lion King
47. Pan's Labyrinth
48. Taken
49. Snatch
50. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
51. Heat
52. Hotel Rwanda
53. Outbreak
54. Chill Factor
55. Mahogany
56. Sometimes in April
57. Driving Miss Daisy
58. Django
59. The Big Gundown
60. The Count of Monte Cristo (the remake)
61. The Count of Monte Cristo (the original)

Seeing all these movies and loving them has made me proud!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Power, Pigs and Politics

Being an Environmental Health Officer, I have the displeasure of having to do Meat Inspections from time to time. And though my training as an Inspector does not expose me to what is necessary to be an authority on Macro-economic indicators and market trends, my experience as a Jamaican has given me much insight into various issues that affect my country. As an Environmental Health officer, one of the activities I am exposed to on the job is the inspection of meat from time to time. What I can safely say is the two preferred meats in Jamaica are Poultry and Pork - the two P's. I'm trying to adopt an "ital-centric" lifestyle therefore meat has been cut down somewhat and due to my religious persuasion, the latter was never on my menu, though I have to endure the noble indignity of ensuring the Public is exposed to that vile meat but as safe as possible. My job puts me in a position to declare that at least in the areas I work Pork is king of the meats. It is cheap, pigs are hardy, noisy and grow quite quickly and can eat almost anything (being noisy and heavy is a turn-off for those who like to eat what they didn't "sow" by the way). And after the total destruction of our cattle industry those with a knack of animal rearing prefer Pigs. I mean, had I not been religiously persuaded to think otherwise, the prospect of feeding something garbage and selling it for a tidy sum after 9 months would have had me sold years ago. Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Mr. Roger Clarke, our Minister of Agriculture's back is as we say in Jamaica, quite broad and he therefore is able to take a lot of flack. That could explain why as an Agriculture Minister he would have the nerve to suggest to Jamaicans that there is a "shortfall" in pork production (I think he may have mistaken production for consumption, the latter would see him in hog's heaven). The Minister even goes further to say that this alleged "shortfall" in production must be met by the international market! An Agriculture Minister suggesting to persons that we must stop what we are doing to import and further weaken an already ailing sector - quite an interesting point of view for an Agriculture Minister to have isn't it? I need not mention what he should have said, even an idiot with half a brain knows what would work if there really was a shortfall in production of a commodity and there was more than enough resources available to meet that need. Subscribing to such reasoning (or lack thereof) will only serve to ruin an already ailing industry, leading it down the path our Cattle Industry has been led by a previous administration that you would have to be born around my time to experience. I remember growing up on a 400 hectare cattle farm that did quite well and provided significant bread towards the winnings of my father who was the Farm Manager then. I remember days when our Agriculture production was viable and believe it or not sought after. I also remember quite recently a sudden glut of imports that sounded the death-knell for our local farms and farmers. I pray the Minister and his administration will be enlightened, and put the benefit of the nation before personal gains, let's hope he heeds the advice given him, or would giving him advice be casting pearls before swines? Do we want anymore of this? I guess that is what you get when you mix Power Pigs and Politics!!!

Funny enough, two P's signify an epithet used by many Jamaicans for our current Agriculture Minister Mr. Roger Clarke, hardly affectionately and I would therefore rather not repeat it in this forum. So, "eat what you grow" was gaining a bit of traction until the majority saw it fit to explore other options such as eat what you import.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Elected to Represent Who

Isn't it obvious that those that were elected to represent us are representing yes but their own interests? It seems to me that the wholesale exploitation of Jamaica and Jamaicans by mainly Trinidad and Barbados stands to benefit those who should be defending us who opt for the route of reticence.

The Prime Minister, Mrs. Simpson-Miller herself should be the one putting Trinidad Transport Minister Devant Maharaj in his place in light of recent comments he made suggesting that Jamaicans are not worthy to fly Caribbean Airlines (CAL) at the expense of Trinidad taxpayers. Doreen Frankson CEO of Edge Chem had to reflect sentiments that are held by a significant portion of the educated in our population by speaking out against the overt arrogance that laced the words of Mr. Maharaj.

It is quite strange that Mrs. Simpson-Miller saw it fit to address the Chris Gayle issue rather than an issue of more national significance such as this in a public forum the way she did when the West Indies Cricket Board and Chris Gayle had their disagreement. Apparently Jamaicans are the only ones traveling at the expense of Trinidadian tax dollars - don't Trinidadians and Bajans fly CAL? As a matter of fact more of Trinidadians fly CAL than Jamaicans and the few Jamaicans who do fly CAL are traitors in my estimation.

National Pride and Love for Country are abstract yes, but once instilled are hard to get rid of. After years of disrespect and disregard of the populace by those elected to look out for our interests, many Jamaicans have lost any semblance of these that were left. Therefore we do not see the need to address issues that concern such. Trinidad on the other hand seems to be too full of pride - the sort that usually precedes an inevitable and most embarrassing fall. Oil is a non-renewable resource and only God knows how many barrels are left.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jamaican Leadership

Is it a mystery the position we have found ourselves in as a country? In reference to a Jamaica Gleaner article published on the website, isn't it obvious why Jamaica has found herself in a rather precarious predicament? When Ministers of Government can unilaterally make conclusions that affect the entire population out of ignorance and a clear lack of regard for the well being of the country, it is an indictment not only on the Minister but the majority that is responsible for putting that Minister in office.

Minister of Industry and Commerce Anthony Hylton has passed remarks that suggest that the possibility of imports from Japan (mainly used motor vehicles) being exposed to nuclear radiation from the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor is not of any significance and therefore does not warrant his Ministry paying the matter any further attention. It is comments such as this that really show where the loyalties of the minister lie. He continues to state that the issue of Jamaicans possibly coming into contact with hazardous radiation from Japanese used car import is not of "top priority" and any possible measure regardless how insignificant to safeguard the Jamaican population will cause the Japanese to feel their exports are facing "discrimination" from Jamaica. First off, the imports of which Mr. Hylton speaks are used/damaged motor vehicles and what will "spook" Japanese exporters is the fact that Jamaica will take measures to ensure the health and safety of its population. Judging from this, one can only be led to conclude a foreign country's perception of Jamaica's treatment of its garbage that we choose to import is more important than the health of Jamaicans - the majority of whom is the reason he has a job.

The Minister may have temporarily overlooked the fact that the population to which he is indebted (besides, he is guaranteed at least 60 months salary) should demand that he take steps to look out for its well-being. The economic development of a country that will do well and has been doing well with our without our imports is more important than that of our population - the one that guaranteed him a job. After all "Health is Wealth."

Nuclear Radiation is a proven mutagen and carcinogen. The Minister out of ignorance to that fact unilaterally thought it wise to not put measures in place to reduce our exposure to such possibilities by ignoring calls from some quarters for monitoring of imports from Japan just to not offend foreign nationals to whom he is not accountable. Had he taken the time to look at the facts and make an informed decision he would have been lauded and respected by many rather than be seen as ignorant, arrogant, uneducated and stupid. Apparently such distinctions mean nothing in Jamaicans. Members of the Jamaican population are largely ignorant to basic issues that they should be aware of to the benefit of the government. When the population is ignorant and undereducated, the population suffers from poor governance as seen in this case. "Idiots will always vote in idiots," in other words when the majority is uneducated that will reflect directly on the government of the country, members of the PNP need not feel proud of being voted into government. Our educated are in other countries, conclude from that what you may.