Sunday, August 19, 2012

Democracy and the Ignorant

No, isn't it obvious that the PNP government is happy once the nation is happy? When they deliberately keep people in poverty, we find ourselves in this most unfortunate state of affairs we are faced with, the majority is happy because the majority of Jamaicans are poverty stricken, depraved, ignorant and amoral (that means without morals and not something use to wash your car - supports my point on ignorance). It is sad when the government despite seeing all the evidence of the negative effects of its decisions yet goes ahead and puts the country at the mercy of these criminals (Scrap Metal Thieves) just "to gih a man a food" so they can keep their minions fed so they can ensure themselves votes for the next elections. They ought not feel proud of themselves for winning as a matter of fact Jamaicans ought to feel ashamed of themselves to have a government that is totally oblivious to the needs of the country running it, it just shows that the majority is unaware of what good governance is and as a result the PNP benefit from this ignorance with another term in power.

The PNP obviously doesn't care about decency nor do they care for hard working productive citizens of the country (business and corporate). They are clearly incapable of making the country conducive to the existence of decency and since as a result of their 18 years of "growth" we have thieves running amok in the society with the blessings of the Government, Jamaica is truly a failed state - no questions asked.