Thursday, July 18, 2013

Making Money on the Internet II

This is a continuation of my series on Making Money on the Internet. I know that you have sent the previous post to everybody in you address book who you care about and are aching to read on so let me not keep you waiting any longer.

Please bear in mind that these methods are in no way an exhaustive list and are just ways that I have used in the past to see a dollar or two pop up and if at least the same effort I put in is I did then you stand to make a couple extra dollars on the side like me.

Yes, everybody knows about Ebay - "if its on your mind its on Ebay" is quite possibly the truest statement I have ever heard. Go ahead, test my little claim, think of something this minute, go over to there and do a search for it and see if I was wrong, you will be surprised. That said, there is great potential to make tonnes off this site selling pretty much literally anything from used underwear to old horseshoes. Do a search, so if you can look around and see anything that may be worth a couple small ones then go ahead, get an Ebay account if you don't already have one and get it listed. There are various types of listings on Ebay, you can "auction" or or offer the option to "buy now" and so on. I prefer the buy now option as you have immediate control over your price. "What about shipping" you ask, well you will have to use your head on that one. Find out which is the most feasible method of shipment and don't forget to charge the buyer what it will cost you, some people use this as a means to make some more money but I think that is robbery. If you really look into it your Post Office has very reasonable rates to ship to various parts of the world, they are far more reasonable than the DHLs, and FedEx, takes a bit longer but it is a lot cheaper and all parcels are shipped through registered mail and I am yet to have any issues shipping.

That's it for me with today's posting, the next in my series will be put up as soon as I am finished writing, you can follow me on and Twitter to see when they go up, you will be the first to know.