Saturday, March 19, 2011


Why is that the world has such a negative outlook on Communism? Why are we in such staunch opposition of something we have not experienced first-hand or even had the sense to look into a bit more than what is on television or what the more influential agencies have put forward. Could it be because a concept along the lines of communism puts many of our ideals in a pseudo-capitalist society at risk? Does adapting a Communist approach take us out of our comfort zones as human beings thus removing the possibility of us becoming the richest or most influential? Do we conform to the theories and practices of Capitalism because it is what we have grown to accept - the division of society into classes and groups that stand out based on the respect that one group must have and the lack thereof that another has? Is it because those more powerful (by wealth and influence) are staunch advocates of the concept or the ideal that is responsible for them being what they are today - richer, more influential, more respected in a word, selfish than their human counterparts.

Communism is feared because it puts forward the concept of human equality and the existence of every human being on the same level. None is perceived as better, greater or more deserving of respect than the other. It reduces human beings (in the capitalist view) to all being equal. Put more correctly: it raises up human beings to a level that states that we are all equal regardless of how much we have in the bank, how much "friends" we have or how much influence we have over things that on any given day should be of no consequence to our existence. Life shouldn't be measured in such terms - it should be measured according the love and respect we have for each other and how we view the other individual relative to ourselves and I think the Communist Ideal sums this up best!